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MANJAL (മഞ്ഞൾ )

ENGLISH NAME :  Turmeric

BOTANIC NAME :  Curcuma longa

FAMILY: Zingiberaceae

 Perennial rhizomatous herb cultivated for getting rhizomes. Powdered rhizomes are used to colour and enhance food products.

         PLANT      :

 An herb that grows up to 1.5 m in height ,having upright pseudostem and horizontal  underground stems known as rhizomes. Rhizomes are pungent tasting, warming and aromatic.

         LEAF         :

 Long petiolate , pale green  in colour,Oblong- lanceolate in shape.

         FLOWER   :

 inflorescence grows to about 15 cm tall. Sheaths covering the flower stem and bracts are light green in colour. Funnel-shaped white flowers with yellow shade, peeping out of large bracts .   


Whole or Split mother rhizomes are used for propagation.


 Turmeric is a very important spice in India. It is added in foods for both its flavour and colour. 


 Raw rhizome as well as rhizome powder is used in home remedies.
Folkloric: Rhizome powder used as blood purifier.
 It is also used as a stomach tonic. 
Turmeric is used for the treatment of liver ailments,Diabetics, skin diseases and healing wound . 
It is also used externally, to heal sores, and as a cosmetic. 
Turmeric shows antioxidant, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects.
Now a days Turmeric is used to treat following conditions:
 Digestive disorders, Bacterial infection, Cardiovascular conditions, Arthritis (as an anti-inflammatory agent), Cancer and as a cosmetic.

 Haridra, Marmarii (Sanskrit),
 Haldi (Hindi), 
Arishina, Arisina (Kannada), 
Halad (Marathi),
 Manjal (Tamil),
Haridra (Telugu), 
Halodhi (Asamese),
 Halud (Bengali), 
Haldar (Gujarathi), 
Haladi (Oriya). 

Foot note:  The cylindrical & branched rhizome is the portion of the plant which is used as spice. It is usually cleaned, boiled, dried, and powdered to yield a yellow powder (Turmeric powder).
Method of Cultivation:
Prepare the land to a fine tilth during March /April and prepare beds of size 3 x 1.2 m with a spacing of 40 cm between beds. Plant during April/ May with the receipt of pre-monsoon showers. Take small pits in the beds in rows with a spacing of 25 x 25 cm. Plant finger rhizomes flat with buds facing upwards and cover with soil or dry powdered cattle manure. Time of harvest depends upon variety and usually extends from January to March.

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