Friday, January 3, 2014

CHEMPARATHI (ചെമ്പരത്തി )

ENGLISH NAME :Commmon garden hibiscus

BOTANIC NAME : Hibiscus rosa-sinesis

FAMILY: Malvaceae

HABIT: Cultivated as ornamental plant.


         PLANT      :Evergreen, Large shrub or small tree grows up to 3 meter height.

         LEAF         :Alternate,Stipulate,Petiolate, Ovate-acuminate,Coarsely serrate and shining.

         FLOWER   : Solitary, glorious and huge, occurs in many colours but red variety is the most popular one. Five petals arranged with long central tube containing stamens and pistil at the tip.

PROPAGATION : by cuttings. 


Infusion of petals used as demulcent (provides soothing effect to the skin and mucous membrane) and as refrigerant drink.
Finely crushed green leaves are used for cleaning hair.
And also used as emollient (reduces irritation of the skin or soften the skin) and laxative.
Roots are used as medicine for cough.

China rose, Chinese rose, Chinese show flower (English),
 Gurhal, Pladu, Jason (Hindi),
Cemparathi (Tamil), 
Dasavala (Kannada),
 Other Indian names: Juba kusum athonba, Jaswand, .

Foot note: Hibiscus used to make a black dye and the bark provides a good quality fibre.

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