Monday, January 16, 2012


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Common Name:- Clove Bean

Botanic Name:- Ipomoea muricata

Malayalam Name:- Nithya Vazhuthina

         Clove bean is a crop can be grown throughout the year Hence it is called 'Nithya Vazhuthana' in Malayalam. It is a vine plant with small bunches of fruits. Tender fruits are used for cooking. The fruit are with long pedicels and swollen tips like bulb. The is vegetable was popular until few years ago.New generation is not really familiar with this vegetable.

Clove bean flower

        Clove bean are all season crop which does not require specific method for cultivation. The seeds @ 6-7 kg/ha are planted at a spacing of 1.0 x 0.6 m. There is no serious pest or disease incidence in the crop. Average yield is 5-6 t/ha. The plant doesn't require any special care providing bio fertilizers and irrigation would help to increase yield .It will start flowering after 2 months from the time of planting and continue to produce fruits for longer period.

Nutritive value:-

         The fruits contain fibre, vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

Medicinal value:-

        Powdered clove bean are known remedy to fever. Plants juice is sprayed to kill bugs.

Food Value:-

       Tender fruits are used for cooking. The fruits are prepared into tasty curries as brinjal.


Anonymous said...

very useful informatiom. thank you.

Deepthi said...

My dad planted this tree during childhood and i remember helping him pluck the fruits on daily basis... it's one of my fondest childhood memories ...i still remember how nityavazhuthananga mezhukkupiratti tasted..... It was so.good... Where can i buy the seeds... In which all countries is this cultivated... Why is it so rare though it's said that there are not many factors inhibiting its growth....

chackochan said...
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Anonymous said...

u can get seeds from
Agriculture university,vellanikkara,thrissur

KANNANAR said...

I am thankful to your comments as well as to the blogger. I was ransacking internet for this plant.. It was my favorite "mezhukkupuratty" next to "Kovakkay" and okra. I am thankful to broad minded Sri. Chakkochan for his benevolence.

Appreciated if you could help me to find where "Thakare" is! It is the miraculous spinach that still keep my eyes to see better even @45. I will love to have these two plants.

I doubt if "Vettipazham" is extinct?

Thanks to you all once again..

Anonymous said...

itoo have been searching for vettipazham. few years ago i was told there is a tree in an uncle's tharavadu, but this year when i wnet there. that was cut off as it was in the way of their planned road entry.i hope that too like many other plant survive the ravages of the biggest pest on earth-humans who are clueless


Execellent information on Clove Bean which is very useful. In fact I want to grow this plant in my Roof Garden. Can you help me with the seeds or saplings. -- rkrajagopalan.

Deepu Panicker said...

Wow,thank you so much for sharing this.
I have very recently come across this vegetable and instantaneously fell in love.
I have posted a Mezhukkupuratti recipe on my site..pls visit and comment.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here in kollam kerala i got the seeds from a garden store . abt 20-25 seeds for rs10.. Abt 15-17 grew

Unknown said...

The bloom looks like a morning glory.