Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pani koorka (പനിക്കൂർക്ക) (Coleus aromaticus)

Pani koorka is an Ayurvedic herb commenly found in Kerala.

Scientific name :    Coleus aromaticus

Family :                  Laminaceae

Medicinal Uses :

Highly antipyretic,
Used for urinary diseases , 
Decoction of leaves is given for chronic cough and asthma .


Muralidharan m.p said...

When my wife wanted to know about " kannikoorka", I googled and was taken to , among lot of other sites, to yours. In palakkad area we call it as above and I was wondering if there was another plant by name Pani koorka. But a look at the pictures of the plant leaves convinced me that it's the same. Thanks a lot.

Tomcy Thomas said...

Thanks for your attempt, could you please add all the chemical contents like proteins, vitamins and medicinal value/usage, dosage, timings, before/after food, over dosage side effects etc., and the preparation ideas of curry/soup.?

Thasneem said...

Kanjikoorkka and pani koorka is same