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Converting kitchen waste in to money !

Converting kitchen waste in to money !

A better solution for managing kitchen garbage’s is by converting in to Vermicompost.

What is mean by Vermicompost ?

         Vermicompost is an ecofriendly natural fertilizer prepared from biodegradable   organic wastes and is free from chemicals.
Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworm. By the method of Vermicomposting  Earthworms are used to convert garbage’s in to humus like material known as Vermicompost. Earthworms eat cow dung or garbage’s  and pass it through their body and in the process convert it into vermicompost.

 What is mean by Vermiculture ?

               Vermiculture means cultivation of Earthworms by articial method  and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings.

Why it is so important ? 
                          Recycling the household waste into compost allows us to return badly needed organic matter to the soil. In this way, we participate in nature's cycle.

Earthworms not only convert garbage into valuable manure but keep the environment healthy.

Increased use of chemical Fertilizers resulted into severe decrese in beneficial soil microbes . Earthworm helps to renew the natural fertility of the soil.

Studies reveals that significant amount of “residual pesticides and chemicals” contaminating our food stuff long after they are taken away from farms and also increased use of chemical Fertilizers demands high use of water for irrigation putting severe stress on ground water Vermicompost is a solution for this.

Vermicompost improves water retention capacity of soil due to its high organic matter content.

 Vermicompost promotes better root growth of the plants and better nutrient absorption and It does not have any adverse effect on soil, plant and environment.

Vermicompost stabilizes the PH value of the soil.

Nutrient Profile of Vermicompost
C:N ratio

# Values given above are subject to variation depending upon the type of garbage’s used.

 Conversion of garbage by earthworms into compost and the multiplication of earthworms are simple process and can be easily handled by the any one.


Vermicompost pit should be protected from direct sun light.
To maintain moisture level, spray water on the pit as an when required.
Protect the worms from ant, rat and bird

Simple method for making Vermicompost unit with less than Rs.1000/-

Find out a wood or plastic container having    minimum seize of 50cm length and 40cm height.

          Make a hole on lower portion of any of the side and fix a piece of  plastic/PVC pipe having diameter not less than ½ inch. 

Fix legs for the box and place it on tray filled with water for protecting worms from Ants.

Bedding:-Place a couple of handfuls of sand or few gravels followed by few coconut husk chips or coir particles or shredded fall leaves. Then fill the Box up to a height of 2 inches with a couple of handfuls of vermicompost and a little cow dung and leave few Earthworms to this bed.
Place a tray or bottle below the side pipe to capture excess liquid ( vermi wash) which is an excellent fertilizer.The box needs a cover to conserve moisture and provide darkness for the worms.

It is advisable not to compost Oily foods, meats, dairy products and grains.
No glass, plastic or tin foil, please.

Foot note:-

If there is decline in the use of chemical fertilizers with more use of locally produced vermicompost the costs of food produced by  farmers practicing “sustainable agriculture” will be reduced significantly. There will be more useful plants, organisms’, nutritive soils, increased ground water in wells, non polluted soil and water bodies this will help  to boost  “ economic prosperity” of our nation .

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