Friday, January 3, 2014

MANICHEERA ( മണിചീര )

ENGLISH NAME : Graceful Pouzolz's Bush  
BOTANIC NAME : Pouzolzia zeylanica 
Synonym: Pouzolzia indica
FAMILY: Urticaceae 

HABIT: Seen in open, usually moist grasslands at low and medium altitudes and commonly found as an undergrowth in plantations during rainy season.

         PLANT      : A perennial herb, stem erect or trailing, grows up to 15-30 cm height.

         LEAF         : Leaves alternate spiral, shortly petioled, to 3.8 x 2cm, ovate, acute, glabrate.

         FLOWER   : Minute, in small axillary androgynous clusters.
        FRUIT/SEED: Tiny seeds are seen in axillary clusters.

FOOD VALUE: Leaves are used as vegetable.


 Decoction of leaves is used as Vermifuge ( to expels intestinal worms).
Poultice of the herb is applied to sores, boils and to relieve stomach ache.
Leaf juice is used as galactagogue ( increases secretion of milk).
Applied for dysentery and loose stools of infant.
Applied for gangrenous ulcers, syphilis and gonorrhoea.
It shows that Pouzolzia zeylanica  can control blood sugar within a certain desirable range.
Study of ethanol extract of Pouzolzia zeylanica showed very good antifungal qualities.
Recent researches proved good cytotoxic activity of Pouzolzia zeylanica and it shows a potential source for anticancer compounds.

Neyy cheera, Bula (Malayalam),
 Kallurukki ( Tamil), 
Kalkuri ( Kannada),
 Eddu (Telugu)
 Borali bokua (Assamese)

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