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ARIPOO CHEDI ( അരിപ്പൂച്ചെടി )

ENGLISH NAME :  Common Lanthana 

BOTANIC NAME : Lanthana camara

Synonym: Lanthana aculata

FAMILY: Verbencea             

HABIT:  Rambling or climbing shrub common in wastelands or forest margins.


         PLANT      :
                                It is a low erect or sub-scanted shrub with weak and long stems, 
                               square in cross         section . Stem and leaves are covered with short,  
                               recurved prickles and emit unpleasant aroma when crushed.

         LEAF         : Opposte, ovate, acuminate,cordate- acute at base, pubescent, about  
                               7x4 cm.

         FLOWER   : Flowers are small, held in clusteres ( called umbels),  colour ranges  
                              from red or orange to yellow in unlimited combinations.

         FRUIT/SEED: The fruit is small, greenish- blue black, blakish, drupaceous,  

PROPAGATION   : By seed, it is propagated by birds. Vegetative propagation using 
                               stem cuttings also yield good results.


 Plants are used as diaphoretic, carminative and antiseptic.
Decotion is used for rheumatism, Malaria, and in atoxy of stomach.
Leaves are boiled and applied for swellings and pain of the body.
Its bark is astringent and used as alotion in cutiginous eruption, leprous ulcers.

Experiments conducted on animals shows that Alkaloids obtain from leaves, have been found to lower blood pressure, accelerate deep respiration and stimulate intestinal movements.
In recent studies important Medicinal properties reported for Lanthana camara are as follows:
1. Antibactirial activities
2. Antifungal activities
3. Antiulcerogenic activity.
4. Hemolytic activity
5. Antihyperglycemic activity
6. Anticancer activity
7. Antioxident activity
8. Antiinflamatory activity.
9. Mosquito controlling activity.

Lantana,Spanish flag,Wes Indian lantana, Lava,Red sage, Yellow sage, wild sage(English), 
Kongini chedi, Theadissi chedi, Poochedi (Malayalam),
Raimuniya (Hindi),
 Unnichedi (Tamil),
 Kakke Natahu (Kannada),
 Pulikampa (Telugu).

Foot note: The seed, leaves and other parts of Lanthana camara shows certain toxicity. But it occurs only on consumption of high quantity of plant materials. 

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