Thursday, July 5, 2018

KADAMBA TREE (Neolamarckia cadamba)

Botanical Name: Neolamarckia cadamba

 Synonym: Anthocephalus cadamba. 

Common name: Kadam

Malayalam name: kadamb (കടമ്പ്   ),
                              Vella kadamb, (വെള്ള കടമ്പ് 
                              Aattu thekk( ആറ്റു തേക്ക്  ).

English name: burflower-tree

Kadamba is a fast growing deciduous tree which grows throughout India and now  planted in urban areas as a shade tree. It is normally found in river banks. and grows up to 45 m tall, without branches for more than 25 m.

In Hindu mythology, Kadam was the favourite tree of Krishna and some people believes it was the favourite tree of Sita.

flower bud
Flowers:  Yellow/orange, in dense, globose heads. They appear like solid, hairy Yellow/orange balls.

Fruits: small capsules, packed closely together to form a fleshy, containing approx. 8,000 seeds.


The timber is used for plywood, pulp and paper, medium boxes and some furniture components
Medicinal properties:

It is one of the useful herbs mentioned in all ancient Sanskrit scriptures and Ayurvedic texts.
It is reported that it act as an analgesic and its fruit pulp as a purifier of seminal fluids.
 It is believed to have medicinal value in curing  ulcer, digestive problems, diarrhoea, vomiting fever  and as an expectorant.

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