Monday, July 30, 2018

Crepidium acuminatum ( Jeevakam idavakam) ( ജീവകം എടവകം )

Malayalam names:

Jeevakam idavakam ( ജീവകം എടവകം  )

Botanic name: 

Crepidium acuminatum

Malaxis acuminata


  Crepidium acuminatum is a small to medium sized grows about 10 to 30 cm. It is a lithophytic orchid that grows in the shady areas of semi-evergreen to shrubby forest.  
It is a critically endangered species.
Pseudo-bulbs with out leaves are called Idavakam in malayalam.

Leaves:   3 to 5 , broadly lanceolate, acuminate and acute

Flowers:  inflorescence with lanceolate acute floral bracts.

Its dried pseudo-bulbs are important ingredients of several Ayurvedic preparations like Chyawanprash,Ajamamsa Rasayanam… etc.

Medicinal properties:
It belongs to Ashtverga (combination of eight drugs) which is one of the core parts of the Ayurveda.
It is reported that Jeevakam has been used to increase the quantity of semen or to stimulate the production of semen.
Its swollen stem is sweet, refrigerant, antidysentric, febrifuge and tonic.
It is used in condition of sterility, vitiyated condition of pitta and vata, internal and external haemorrhages, fever, burning sensation and general disability.

Jeevakam is of a renowned status in the Ayurveda, but yet it has been very less studied further  detailed  studies on phytochemistry and pharmacological properties should be conducted.

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