Thursday, July 30, 2015


Other names: Kinattil Koova

Botanic name: Legenandra toxicora.

Family : Araceae

Neer koova is an aquatic plant, abundantly found in streams and marshy lands.

It is also traditionally grows in dug well.

In a recent study conducted by M. Mini and Beebi Razeena proves that this plant can act as a natural water purifier and is used against water pollution caused by E- coli.

News published in Malayala manorama daily dt.26.07.2015 is given below:

In traditional medicine it is used for the treatment of hepatitis and also have insecticidal properties.

Other medicinalproperties:

It is reported that this plant contains acrid juice and it is used in ointments for itch.

It is used in the treatment of kidney disorders, heart diseases and swellings.

Decotion of tuberous root is used to check growth of old Tumor.

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