Monday, July 27, 2015

Krishna Fig

Other names:
                    Krishna's butter cup

                    Makhan kattori

Malayalam Name: Krishnanal

Botanical name: Ficus bengalnesis var. Krishnae

Synonym:  Ficus Krishnae

Family : Moraceae.

Fast growing, evergreentree.

Leaves stalked, ovate heart- shaped.

The unique feature of the tree is that the leaves have a pocket- like fold at the base.

                     It is believed that Lord Krishna used the leaves of this tree as a utensil to have his stolen "Butter".

              The story goes that, Once when Lord Krishna was caught by his mother, he tried to hide his butter by rolling it up in a leaf of this tree.Since then, the leaves of these trees have retained this shape.


Mohankumar Kumar said...

kindly let me know any tree is in kerala

manu nair said...

Yes,in plenty