Saturday, March 30, 2013

Munderikadavu bird sanctuary

 The proposed Munderikadavu bird sanctuary is located in  Kannur disrict of the Kerala state, about 12 kilometres from district H.Q., spread across Munderi and neighbouring panchayats, forms the catchment of the Kattampally river.

       It is is an ornithologist’s paradise , a favourite haunt of migratory birds, important for rich variety of plants, mangroves and fish. The Munderikadavu is home to nearly 200 species of birds, including 60 varieties of migratory birds. The Kattampally wetland is among the 24 Important Bird Areas (IBA) in the state identified by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). As many as seven globally threatened species of birds have been sighted in this area. The Birdlife International has also said that it should be considered a priority site for conservation.

              The Finance Minister  has announced during his Budget speech in the year 2012 that the biodiversity-rich wetland area of Munderikkadavu would be developed into a bird sanctuary but there is no progress achieved so far, proposal is still sleeping somewhere in Govt. files .  

Major Threats

1. Environmental degradation:
 As a result of large-scale reclamation and fragmentation

2. Developmental activities:
i. Large scale reclamation of the wet areas for prawn cultivation.
ii. Construction of side wall along the water spread areas by destructing mangroves.
iii. Large scale construction activities.

         3. Pollution:
Depositing plastic waste, garbage, Chicken waste etc.

         5.  Hunting.


1.   Munderikadavu should be declared a Ramsar site.

2.  The wet land surrounding to the revenue land should be acquired by  Government by giving proper compensation.

3.  Proper awareness about the conservation should be created among the local people.

4.  Instead  of declaring as a bird Sanctuary, in my opinion, it is better to declare this area as a community reserve.

5.This area should be managed with the participation of the local people. 

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