Friday, January 19, 2007


Tourism developed from travel and travel is an ancient phenomenon. From the prehistoric time it self men loved traveling at that time they traveled in search of food and safe accommodation. Later trade and commerce become the motivation for the travel. The objectives expanded gradually to include pilgrimage, explorations and studies on nature and culture. The development of transport by Rail, sea and air accelerated the progress of international tourism.

Leisure travel was the privilege of richer classes. By the middle of last century tourism received acceptance in all classes of society in view of advantage like education, cultural integration and relaxation for mind and body. This type of mass tourism created crowded destinations and also created problems like insufficient accommodation, poor hygiene conditions and degeneration of ecological status etc.

Eco tourism is a new concept in tourism .It is purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the Cultural and natural history of environment, taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while providing economic opportunities that make conservation of natural resources to local people. Eco tourism is "That form of tourism that involves traveling relatively undisturbed areas with the Specific objectives of studying, admiring and enjoying natural and wild plants and animals as well as any existing cultural aspects, past or present found in these areas."

The key elements of ecotourism includes
I. Natural environment as its prime attraction.
2. An optimum number of environment friendly visitors.
3. Positive involvement of local communities.

Eco Tourism gained attraction with issue such as C B D Earth summit, Global warming. Coming up, there is a greater awareness and concern regarding eco system even among common man. There is a grater urge to flee the polluted metropolis of urban life and get back to nature for the answers that they are seeking. In the quest for these answers lies the genesis of ECO TOURISM.
Thus the Eco tourism is ecologically responsible system of natural resources through education. The destinations are centered around sites of natural origin containing some aspects like panoramic view, exhilarating climate, diversity of vegetation, wild life ,social life attached to it and many more.

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