Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Orthosiphon aristatus

Family : Lamiaceae.

Synonym: Orthosiphon stamineus

Malayalam: Poochameesa, Poocha tulasi.

English:   Cats whiskers, Java Tea.

It is a perennial herb grows about 1 .5 meter tall and has a very open branching habit.
Leaves are opposite,ovate with fine toothed margins.

White or purple coloured flowers are found as racemes at the end of the branches.

When the flowers open, the stamens and pistil extend out far beyond the petals, creating the "cat's whiskers" effect.

Medicinal Properties:

It is reported that Leaves of this plant are used commonly in Southeast Asia and European countries as herbal tea, in the name “Java tea”. 

Traditionally leaves of this plant have been used as diuretic, and to treat rheumatism, abdominal pain, kidney and bladder inflammation.

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