Sunday, August 30, 2015

White Ginger Lily (സുഗന്ധി )

Botanical name:  Hedychium coronarium

Malayalam name:  Suganthi

Other names: 

Butterfly Ginger Lily,

Garland Flower,

Dolan champa,

Family:   Zingiberaceae 

White Ginger Lily  is a robust, attractive plant that will reach 6 feet, leaves are lance-shaped and sharp-pointed.

It is is originally from the Himalayas region of Nepal and India and now  wide spread as a garden plant.

Throughout year the stalks are topped with 6-12 in.  long clusters of wonderfully fragrant white flowers that look like butterflies. 

It   is easy to propagate - simply dig it up, cut the tuber into small pieces and replant.

Medicinal properties:

It is reported that the powdered rhizome and an essential oil derived from it are antibiotic.

 It is used in Chinese natural medicine and has been prescribed and used in treatment of headache, lancinating pain, contusion,inflammatory and intense pain due  to rheumatism etc.


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