Sunday, September 14, 2014

AGHORI ( Flacourtia indica )

Common name

Governor's Plum,
Batoka Plum,
Indian plum,
Madagascar plum,
Mauritius plum

Malayalam:     Karimulli

Sanskrit:         Aghori

Hindi:   Bilangada

Botanical name:  Flacourtia indica    

Family:  Flacourtiaceae 


                Small tree or shrub , the trunk often armed.  Bark is usually pale, grey, powdery, may become brown to dark grey and flaking, revealing pale orange patches.

Leaves: Leaves are variable in seize, round to oval in shape.

Flowers: Almost clustered in short racemes.

Medicinal properties:

Bark-oil useful in gout and rheumatism.

Leaves and root infusion given in snake bite.


Commenly found in barren lands.
It is planted as live fence.

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