“Papanasini”  is a river in Kerala, in south India. Papanasini emanating from the heart of Brahmagiri hills flowing through the deep forest washing roots, leaves and flowers of medicinal plants. It is believed that a ritual dip in the river Papanasini, wash away of all worldly sins. 

Here I wish to symbolize Nature as “Papanasini” one who washes away all sins.

Indiscriminate modernization, clearing of bio-diversity hotspots, pollution, and other unwarranted activities of our society has caused irreparable loss to Green nature. We have to clear these ‘sins’.

I believe that conservation of Green nature is the most important one and we have to do something for preserving biological diversity for the future generation. 

Believe in healing powers of the ‘Nature’ .


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Rahul Nambiar said...

"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."

Zeno (335 BC - 264 BC)