During last few years,
while interacting with general public,
I learned a few lessons,
That I wish to share with you.

    *     Most people are proud of our rich tradition and culture.

    * Most of them like to cultivate vegetables, Spices, Medicinal plants ..etc. in the available space.

    *  Most people want to conserve Biodiversity. 

   *Most of them want to share these things with their children.

Now a day, 
in this busy world, 
they are getting not enough time for these.

Type of family set up ie, secluded nuclear families,
lack of knowledge regarding age old practices in the field of agriculture,
non-availability of experts in related fields, scarcity of experienced laborers……etc.
 Lot of such problems exists in the present society.

For up keeping our great cultural and traditional values for the coming generation…

To provide a dream place (not a resort) you love to spare with your family………………..

A small place, full of agricultural crops, Medicinal plants, Spices, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Butterflies  ……..etc.

I have a dream………………………

A project mainly aims for the conservation of different types of agricultural crops, Medicinal plants, Spices, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Butterflies and fishes.

There will be a few cottages, a club house and a dormitory.

Members of this community project and their friends can stay and learn about various agricultural crops, Spices, Medicinal plants and their method of cultivation and usage ..etc. They can enjoy vacations here as their own home.
It will be a great learning experience for children......

I said it a “DREAM”……


The estimated cost of the above project is around Rupees 35 Lakhs.

I do not have that much amount to spare for the project…..

Since it is not a profit-oriented project, approaching the public to collect the capital on share basis is not so easy……….

From my past experience, I feel I can complete this project within 3years……


The Capital amunt....!!!!

I wish I can fulfill my dreams soon…

Soliciting all the blessings from you…..

                                     Manu Nair.


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chackochan said...

I have a similar place it is functioning.but no wild animals. with coteges,doormitory and everything,650species medicinal plants and its processing,fish , birds fruits vegitebles spices,coffee tuber, etc. etc.and so on with specialities.
but no wild animals.


Riju Jacob said...

Love your dream .. best wishes.

Aruna Narayanan said...

let God bless you with enough resources to realise your dream at the earliest.

klickklick said...

wish you all the best. Good thought.

Ravigovindarajan Govindarajan said...

your dream idea is very nice and good surely god loves good people and good people ideas god bless you. A small suggestion I also love natural way of life and I spare every day few minutes with my loved plants in my home and also note sthalaviruksham in every tamilnadu temples. You can select any remote temples located in Tamilnadu for your dream project where you can spend your time in nearby home of these temples and also you can cultive in the prakarams of these unvisited temples in Thanjavur District of Tamilnadu. thanks regards. r g rajan

Anonymous said...

There are many places in Kerala which is like your dream place. One such place is Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, Periya in Kannur District, started by a German man who settled here and married from here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope you will achieve your dream soon. All the best wishes