I came into this world on the cold morning of January 03, 1973. Born in Mattanur, a small town in Kerala (India). My father Late Sri Gopalan Nair was a Govt. employee and mother Smt.Janaki Amma an ideal house wife. 
 I was an average student throughout my academic life. Extra-curricular activities like drawing, watching movies and story writing were my favorite things.


 Completed my matriculation and joined PRNSS College Mattanur for Pre-Degree course in second Group (ie, Physics, Chemistry, zoology and Botony).

Completed my Graduation (Bsc Chemistry) from PRNSS College Mattanur.
 Joined Symbiosis Law College Pune  for LL.B and completed LL.M from University of Pune.
Enrolled as Advocate from High court of Kerala and practiced in District court Thalassery. I have spent 3-4 years in legal profession.
Demise of Dad was a shocking incident to me .Duty of managing the agriculture and allied activities was dropped on my shoulders. But I have learned a lot about Agriculture crops such as coconut, pepper, paddy, plantain, turmeric, ginger and other vegetables. I spent lot of time to conserve locally available Medicinal plants. During these years I acquired good practical knowledge in agriculture and medicinal plants.
I have supervised the construction of 4 independent houses for my elder brothers and sisters. By managing these civil works I acquired some important theoretical and practical knowledge in construction field.
Few youngsters from my neighborhood decided to form a Society for promoting ‘Eco-Tourism’. Its name was “PETARDS” (Pazhassi Eco-tourism and Rural Development Society) registered under societies Act. They choose me as founder President. We have conducted a few programme such as Seminars etc. on Eco-tourism.
Decided to start a small firm for distributing FMCG. I have learned about the distribution of a product and its set back. I am proud to say that though I have not earned a lot but I didn’t lost a single penny in the business. Learning experience achieved in the business is a great experience in my life.
Joined in Government service( Kerala Forest department).The Forest department provided me  work experience  in the field of types of forest trees, Wildlife, Ecotourism, Forest laws, method of preparing estimates, plantation management…. etc. Still I am continuing in Forest department.

   Mrs.Remya Manoj,    Ajay. M. Nambiar  & Amay M Nambiar.

My mail I D  is             manu33nair@gmail.com

My Fb Id   http://www.facebook.com/manu33nair


Sugunasrimaddala said...

Very good to know about you. Stumbled upon your site while searching for clove bean.

bismi said...

its a good work.i visited your site in search of winged bean cultivation in kerala

Anonymous said...

congrats manu ji

Anonymous said...

Hii Manu, It was a pleasure knowing you and your site.. appreciate the knowledge and experience you gained through life. Welcome your idea of Eco awareness and ur contribution.... very gifted and talented and a person of extreme awareness. Wish you all the best in your future endeavor.Regards, Celine.

sajini remesh said...

hi manu

It was accidentaly that i came across your blog. In facebook there was a mention of fruit of gravilo as a good cure for cancer (not fully proven). on searching more about it, i came across your blog. i was very happy to go through your blog. seeing a young man with so much thought and care for the nature is good. keep going. i am also interested in gardening with the time i can afford and the limited space at my disposal.now that i have a person to consult, i will be in touch

Jayakrishnan Omalloor said...

Hi bro,
Nice to knw abt u...!! All the best..!!

manojkumar said...

Very nice to know about your vision and dream... Keep it up...

Mathew John said...

Stumbled upon your blog searching for a tree called ambazham. Liked the name of your blogspot. Keep your good work and wishingyou all the best.
Mathew John, Trivandrum.

Mathew John said...

Stumbled upon your blog searching for a tree called ambazham. Liked the name of your blogspot. Keep your good work and wishingyou all the best.
Mathew John, Trivandrum.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon you blog while searching for ambazham. I am fascinated by you interest in nature and all the information you have put in this site. Keep up your good works and I hope you will be able to inspire more youngsters to you vision and interest so that they can live close to nature and help in preserving it. I am generously using your blog to gain info about most of Kerala's rich flora and its benefits. I searched for amruthu in many sites and I am so glad I got a lot of info from your site. All the best and blessings.

S P WARRIER said...

Dear sir,

Accidentally, happened to see your blog PAPANASINI. Very meaningful name and very useful inputs. Most of the people do not know as to how much nutritional values are hidden in the the thoroughly neglected vegetables of our day to day life. Your article helps to create awareness on this aspect which is very much admirable.

Dr M S Kiranraj said...

Interesting blog. Reached here when i searched on 'sacred groves'! Best wishes to keep it well.

Raj Iyer said...

Good blog.I landed up when I was searching for botanical name of kattu kasthuri. I wish to meet you as I am interested in herbal plants.

Anoop K said...

Very nice site. Stumbled upon it by accident. I checked your dream page. I am working on something similar and have been planting on our property for the past four years.

sebastian antony said...

came across your page while studying njattuvelas. Got the chart I was looking for. Thank u. I have noted down ur chart for my ready ref. Am a retired person and is now doing some organic farming. Nice to have people like you around. wish u good luck in fulfilling your dream.